Invest in the city

Keyword: Human resources

It is people who determine the success of an investment. Strategists, engineers, workers… they are the necessary links in the business process. But not only their functions are important. Skills, motivation and attitude to work and the co-workers make Tarnowskie Góry employees a real attribute of the region. Openness to change, creativity and hospitality of the local community are the town’s pride. Tarnowskie Góry is a place where people create both a stimulating environment for cooperation and a pleasant atmosphere for the “after hours” relaxation.

Solid group

The inhabitants of Tarnowskie Góry and the whole county (powiat) constitute a powerful consumer market and a huge base of potential employees. In addition, lower labour costs create economic justification for investing in this region.

Facts and figures

  • 60,231 town inhabitants and 138,400 county inhabitants
  • Population density: 722 people/km2 (average density in Silesia: 379 people/km2)
  • 800,000 people within a 20 km radius, 3.7 million within a 50km radius, 9 million within a 100 km radius
  • Unemployment rate: 6.3% (average rate for Silesia: 6.2%)
  • Gross monthly salary: 3056.53 zloty (lower than the average salary in Silesia)

Solid ground

A well-developed educational base provides well-qualified employees. There are many primary, pre-secondary and secondary schools in Tarnowskie Góry. The evidence of high educational standards are people who made successful careers and are now known at home and abroad. Local schools’ graduates include: academics, doctors, lawyers, engineers of various specialties, artists and clergy.

KEYWORD: Transportation

Solid connections

Tarnowskie Góry is where business is done on a national scale. This is due to a dense network of communication links. One of the biggest European railway junctions and the country’s largest freight train marshaling yard are located here. The town is situated at the intersection of national roads DK 11 (Kołobrzeg, Poznań, Ostrów Wielkopolski, Lubliniec, Tarnowskie Góry, Bytom) and DK 78 (Chałupki, Rybnik, Gliwice, Tarnowskie Góry, Szczekociny).

The whole world at your fingertips

The main trans-European routes intersect in the region (corridor III: Berlin – Wrocław – Katowice – Kraków – Lviv and corridor VI: Gdańsk – Katowice – Żylina). Sea transport is possible thanks to the inland port in Gliwice. Tarnowskie Góry is situated near A4 and A1 motorways and only 15 km away from Katowice International Airport.

KEYWORD: Investment climate

The peak of originality

Have you ever visited a historic drift or a real silver mine? These are just some of the elements that make up the unique atmosphere of Tarnowskie Góry and its “after hours” offer. For some people a working day lasts from 8 am to 4 pm, for others it never ends. The creative environment of Tarnowskie Góry is conducive to productivity. The town with nearly 500 years of tradition attracts locals and tourists with its historic centre, beautiful parks and green areas. Relaxing in one of many cafes in the old town, following the Technology Monuments Route, having active fun in the aquapark or the Dolomity Sports Valley in Bytom or enjoying cultural entertainment by attending many artistic events on offer all stimulate creativity and provide appropriate balance between work and leisure.

A place to live

Tarnowskie Góry is not only a great place to locate your investment, but also a center of vital interests. Visitors have a large base of residential, educational and medical facilities at their disposal. The openness of the local community and the richness of the recreational offer complete the whole. Visitors can find accommodation in many hotels and use many conference and training rooms. All this to make you feel at home for however long you’re here.