The city / Facts and figures

Reach the heights

Tarnowskie Góry occupies the area of 8,347 hectares (ha) in south-west Poland, in the Province of Silesia which is ranked as the country’s best investment area.¹ The town itself made it to the top of the Forbes list as one of the most attractive places for business. Although its name derives from mines (the Old Polish word: gory), the association with mountain peaks (‘góry’) is also correct. Why? Because it is here that you can reach your business heights.

¹ According to the report The Investment Attractiveness of the Regions and the Sub-regions of Poland, The Gdańsk Institute for Market Economics, 2011.


Peak form

The town historically linked to heavy industry is now focusing on the development of entrepreneurship — trade and services. Besides large companies small and medium enterprises have thrived over the years in industries such as: construction, installations, paper, electronics, logistics, recycling and textiles. The economic metamorphosis gave the whole region a boost and Tarnowskie Góry has become one of the main regional centres.

Facts and figures

  • 60,231 town inhabitants and 138,400 county inhabitants
  • Population density: 722 people/km2 (average density in Silesia: 379 people/km2)
  • 800,000 people within a 20 km radius, 3.7 million within a 50km radius, 9 million within a 100 km radius
  • Unemployment rate: 6.3% (average rate for Silesia: 6.2%)
  • Gross monthly salary: 3056.53 zloty (lower than the average salary in Silesia)